We undertake valuation of landed properties for any or a combination of the purposes listed below:

1. Business & Finance

  • Mortgage and Insurance
  • Sale and Leaseback transaction
  • Take-over, merger, acquisition, partnership, privatization and exchange.
  • Valuation for sale and purchase of properties.

2. Accounting

  • Balance sheet
  • Liquidation
  • Partnership

3. Compensation

  • Claims for compulsory acquisition

4 Litigation

  • Revocation of right of occupancy
  • Valuation for injurious affection
  • Division of property under terms of a will, divorce proceeding etc.

5. Taxation

  • Valuation for estate duty
  • Valuation for tenement/property rate.
  • Valuation for ground rent
  • Valuation for penalties in contravention for planning regulations.

6. Insurance

  • Valuation for fire Insurance
  • Valuation for theft and loss insurance

7. Investment Decision

  • Feasibility and viability studies
  • Decision between alternative investment options.
  • Earning forecast or rental valuation
  • Redevelopment or renewal of projects.